Historic Washington, DC Office Building

AWD teamed with the building owner to address connectivity, speed and coverage issues inside one of Washington, DC’s most recognizable office properties.

How AWD Improved Tenant Experience

  • True enterprise-grade high-speed Internet with dedicated upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gigabit.
  • Complete in-building Wi-Fi coverage with no dead zones and an environment accessible to tenants providing greatly improved service versus a large national provider.
  • Increased lease value while providing building owners with better service at a fraction of their previous spend via best-in-class connectivity and new revenue and marketing channels.
Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Networks

Outdoor Sports Complex

As outdoor activities became more popular during the COVID pandemic, an outdoor sports complex approached AWD about challenges with user experience, connection and coverage over their legacy network.

How AWD Improved Visitor Experience

  • Installed full WiFi coverage for the entire complex with no dead zones, replacing outdated network with very limited connectivity.
  • Doubled throughput and solved roaming challenges by increasing capacity more than tenfold, allowing families to access streaming services and entertain uninterested siblings or to text video files to parents not in attendance.
  • Opened up new revenue and marketing channels to its visitors, a competitive advantage vs. other facilities.

Premium Outlet Mall

AWD secured new AT&T cell site infrastructure for a premium outlet shopping center in the Washington, DC area for full-property wireless coverage.

How AWD Has Improved Visitor Experience

  • Best-in-class cell phone coverage via multiple small cell nodes covering outdoor common areas throughout the property.
  • A financial home run: fully subsidized capital expenditure, rental income for Simon Properties.
Whole Building Wireless Networks - No Dead Zones!
Cellular Tower Lease Audits & Valuation

Cell Tower Lease Audit & Valuation

Airwave Developers was approached by a property owner prepared to sell a single urban cell tower site in a top-ten market for $2.1M. The property owner sought to confirm the sale price was fair. AWD audited the site and, over the course of several site visits, determined the proposed sale price was far too low. Over the next 24 months, AWD assisted the owner in:

  • cutting the cord with the cell tower management company
  • re-signing carriers to new tower leases
  • increasing monthly rent from $4300/month to ~$35,000/month
  • increasing the sale price by $5.2M to $7.3M.


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