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AWDNet is able to provide entire properties with extraordinary download and upload speeds, as well as property-wide connectivity for all tenant computers, phones, tablets, laptops, and any other Wi-Fi capable device.


Increase Property Value

We are assisting property owners nationwide to develop their wireless infrastructure and to substantially increase the value of their properties through our innovative data driven approach.

Proactive Marketing

We market your properties to the carriers and help you secure favorable new leases and lease renewals for your properties.

Lease Renegotiation & Audits

Airwave Developers assists property owners in renegotiating current wireless site leases with wireless carriers to ensure leases are renewed at fair market value. We also perform comprehensive audits of existing wireless site leases to help ensure revenue from the leases is being maximized.

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20,000+ properties and more than two billion square feet represented

We are changing the way wireless carriers do business with property owners.

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