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Your Airwave Rights

The Airwave Rights® associated with your properties are very valuable. Property owners generally lack the resources and expertise to understand how to develop their Airwave Rights for use by wireless carriers. Our methodology is proprietary and unique in the industry, and our goal is to give your properties a significant competitive advantage to be leased by the wireless carriers at the highest possible value.

How It Works
  • After entering into a risk-free arrangement with Airwave Developers, we run each property through our proprietary software to assess your Airwave Rights.
  • We market your properties to the carriers and help you secure and negotiate lease agreements or other arrangements for your properties. The typical timeline before generating revenue ranges from six months to three years.
  • We continuously market your properties to the carriers based on industry evolution such as new spectrum auctions and technology changes like 5G, all of which is taken into consideration in the analysis of the Airwave Rights for each property.
  • Using the same data-driven approach, we assist property owners with site lease renewals, and we audit existing leases to help maximize value.

The Airwave Developers Solution

We are changing the way wireless carriers do business with property owners.

We developed proprietary software Your Airwave Score® that is a predictive data driven modeling methodology that takes into account a multitude of technical, regulatory, demographic and geographic factors for each property location to determine a rating for the quality of indoor wireless/cellular coverage associated with a property. The indoor Airwave Score® we provide for each property, and our deep expertise in the real estate and wireless industries, allow us to bring increased coverage and value to your properties. There is no other party that uses our methodology or our proprietary software.


At Airwave Developers we partner with commercial and residential property owners to provide whole-building LTE cell networks on the Citizens Broadband RadioService spectrum so tenants and visitors can enjoy the highest capacity indoor wireless services available, all while connecting to the wireless provider of their choice. We register each of your properties with the Citizens Broadband Spectrum Access System to secure the 5G spectrum. Then we install neutral host 5G equipment so tenants and visitors will enjoy connectivity to the highest capacity 5G advanced wireless services at no cost to the property owner.

In many cases, we will also be able to secure substantial new ancillary income for your property from wireless carriers and others for the right to connect to the CBRS network you control. Want to secure CBRS spectrum for your properties? Just let us know and we will work for you.

How it Works

  • We deploy indoor and/or outdoor small cell technology at our partners' properties and use a prime wireless spectrum block located in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band to install a new LTE cell network covering an entire building at no cost to the property owner partner.
  • This gives end users in-building coverage at the highest wireless speeds possible for watching high definition video, using data-rich apps, listening to music, transmitting large data files and placing calls over mobile devices, including to 911.
  • We share with you the revenue generated from the CBRS network at the property location(s), including revenue from selling broadband service to tenants, carrier access fees and roaming.


A logical complement to our expertise in wireless site leasing is assisting property owners we represent in negotiating fair market value new leases and renewals with fiber and other wireline providers seeking to install wired entrance facilities in a building to serve tenants. Using the same date driven approach to the market, we assist property owners in negotiating these agreements and with respect to auditing of existing agreements - all with the goal of maximizing revenue to each property.