Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Determine An Airwave Score For Each Of My Properties?

We developed proprietary software Your Airwave Score that is a predictive modeling methodology that takes into consideration a multitude of technical, regulatory, demographic, and geographic factors for each property location to determine a rating for the value of Airwave Rights associated with that property.

What Advantage Do I Have Using Airwave Developers?

The Airwave Score we generate for each of your properties, and our deep expertise in the real estate and wireless industries, allows us to position your properties in the best possible manner to secure the highest monthly lease terms for your sites in the soonest timeframe. There is no other party that uses our methodology or has our proprietary software.

What Happens After We Enter into an Arrangement With Airwave Developers?

We will run each property through our proprietary Your Airwave Score software to determine the Airwave Score for the Airwave Rights associated with each property. If you desire, we will then market your properties to the carriers and help you secure and negotiate a lease agreement or other arrangement for your properties.

What is the Cost to Work With Airwave Developers And Get An Airwave Score For My Properties?

There is no cost to work with Airwave Developers. We simply request a reasonable per transaction fee upon successful completion of a lease if our efforts led to the property generating new revenue.

What If I Am Currently Leasing Space To A Wireless Carrier On A Property?

We can assist with auditing any current leases you may have and negotiating any lease renewals - all using our proprietary data to support these efforts to maximize your revenue. We can also market existing sites to other wireless carriers to attract colocation and multiple wireless carrier tenant opportunities.

What Properties Are Eligible To Work With Airwave Developers?

The vast majority of single-family residential properties are not eligible based on zoning restrictions. Some residential raw land in urban areas and near major roadways is eligible, as are some residential townhome complexes in urban centers (but not individual townhomes). Nearly all commercial real estate locations in major metropolitan areas and urban centers are eligible. We will review each property to determine eligibility.

How Much Space Is Required For A Typical Wireless Installation By A Carrier?

Wireless technology has become extremely efficient, and antenna and equipment sizes in most cases have become relatively compact. The amount of space required by a carrier is specific to each carrier's requirements and will vary from case to case. In the case of a rooftop, Carriers typically install flat panel antennas flush on the sides of a building or a penthouse on the building roof and have a small equipment cabinet located somewhere nearby. If a piece of raw land, a carrier will typically construct a tower and install its antennas directly on the tower, although these sites are not as popular as smaller cell rooftop sites today. Most carriers are currently implementing small cell sites, which typically consist of one antenna no greater than two feet in height installed on a light pole or low roof.

What Costs Do I Face In Having A Wireless Carrier Site On My Building?

None. It is the property owner who receives monthly income from a carrier under a wireless lease and the carriers bear all costs associated with the installation, including reimbursement to the lessor property owner of any of their associated costs.

What Time Commitment And Work Will Be Required Of The Property Owner During This Process?

Depending on your arrangement with Airwave Developers, the only commitment required by the property owner would be to make available staff to provide the wireless carrier access to the property of interest and furnish information you have about the property.

Are There Many Other Alternative Wireless Sites Available From Which Carriers May Choose?

Yes, there are many existing sites from which carriers may choose. However, there is currently a need for at least 100,000 additional cell site locations in the top 50 U.S. markets alone. So working with Airwave Developers will assure your properties are on the map with the major wireless carriers at all relevant levels and give your properties a very significant competitive advantage to be leased by the wireless carriers and to increase revenue from any current carrier installations on a property.

How Long Does Your Process Take?

Once you secure an arrangement with Airwave Developers, the time frame for our process to attract and secure carriers to lease the Airwave Rights for your properties typically runs from 6 months to 3 years before you begin generating revenue. We continuously market your properties to the carriers based on industry evolution such as new spectrum auctions and technology changes - all of which is taken into consideration in the analysis of Your Airwave Score for each property.